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As a small business owner, I know what difficulties are encountered when building and maintaining your company. I will be a staunch supporter of policies that defend those who are looking to be self-employed or explore that route.

We must fight for strong and secure border. Without a border, we have no nation. Our closed checkpoints must be re-opened and our state ought to invest in further collaboration with municipal and tribal levels of government to better address the crisis. Those who break the law should be punished and those whose first action in this nation is to break its laws should face appropriate consequences – not be sheltered away in hotels at the taxpayer’s expense.

Human and drug trafficking in Arizona has reached horrifying levels. We must extend mandatory minimums on those who are caught trafficking humans or lethal drugs and invest further into our law enforcement and other first responders.

The homelessness crisis has become worse and worse every year. Instead of providing means for these people to lift themselves out of homelessness, we are enabling it further with bad policies. The state ought to pre-empt the cities and directly address areas where homelessness has run rampant.

We must fight for our veterans like they’ve fought for us. No veteran should go without appropriate physical and mental health care. Veteran homelessness and suicide rates are too high and we should aim to address those with individualized policies.

Bureaucrats should never be fully in charge of your children’s curriculum. With attempts by Democrats to institute a monolithic education entity and remove all choice, we must stand strong and be a check on Katie Hobbs’ agenda while protecting school choice. The ESA program in Arizona allows families to send their children to any school of their choice – private, homeschooled, online, charter, or traditional public – regardless of their zip code or income. I support this program and look forward to working to make it more effective over time.

Bidenomics and a devastating housing market have crippled our community. We need to fight back against multibillion dollar corporate takeovers of our single family homes and encourage competition in every industry. The government should not be involved in picking winners and losers – but it should be involved in working to give everybody an equal opportunity at becoming a winner.

Foreign entities are pumping countless acre-feet of water from our groundwater aquifers. Nations like Saudi Arabia banned alfalfa farming in their home country – yet we allow them to do it here – in our desert. We need common sense land ownership policy like that which was recently signed in Arkansas – we need to ban foreign farmland ownership in Arizona.